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Deadman Turner

    Anzac Day
    Beyond the Sea
    Beyond the Sea (rocked a little)
    (There Ought to Be) a Blues for Fighters
    Bring Me [in two versions]
    Carmen Tasmaniae
    Circulus Vitae
    Comrade Lennon
    Contra Mundum
    The Devil Lives on My Street
    Down by the Literary Riverside
    Failure to Resolve
    Elegia Severo Snape, an instrumental song for Severus Snape
    Forgotten Days, a sort of Christmas song
    Four Lanes to the Highway
    A Glee
    Good Night [in two versions]
    Hands and Knees
    Here’s to Mr. Scrooge
    How Hard
    How Soft the Raisin, Son
    I Saw Her Scanty Hair
    Io, Saturnalia!
    Imitation Blues [in two versions]
    I Want to Smell You, a burlesque version of I Want to Tell You
    If I Drink Water while This Doth Last
    Insan’ in Mundo
    La Belle Dame Sans Merci
    Ludwig & I
    Me Serva
    Miles Away
    Parasangs Away
    Raven’s Dance
    Satan & I
    Saturnalia Waltz [in two versions]
    Sliding Away
    Time to Go
    We Three Kings, an instrumental version of the Epiphany song
    What Can I Say about Rene
    Wings of Steel
    You Know How It Is

    demo songs & radio stations at MacIdol
    the first CD: Cyanogen: the Resurrection of Deadman Turner
    some of the above songs are also at
    at triple j unearthed

Blue-Ringed Octopus

    Take It Away
    Welfare Blues

    at Macidol

The Dues

    The Compulsory Blues
    The Conventional Blues
    Downright Disgusted
    Highway 69
    Take a Little Walk with Me
    ’Tis No Fun to Be Poor
    To the Sea
    Twelve in C

    at Macidol


    songs of Thomas Love Peacock set to music

Kicking Edgar

    02a & 02b
    05a & 5b
    A Lesser Stone
    A Minor Forertaste
    A Minor Thingy
    Done Done
    Down Down Down

    at triple j unearthed
    at Macidol

The Mucous Membranes

    Going Down
    I Don’t Mind
    I’m Special
    It’s a Miracle
    Just a Twelve
    Rock All Right
    Silly Silicon Con
    Something, Something
    Yeah, Right

    at Macidol


    some demo songs of Off at Macidol.

Pedicabo Vos & Irrumabo

    Amigos (a Place to Shun)
    Around a Waiting Room
    Crikey, Dr Greer
    Crown of Thorns
    Doop Booby Doo
    In the Bush
    Matt Lauer
    Tenue Labrum Cunei
    (This Is) Not a Pop Song
    Tenue Labrum Cunei
    Poor Ol’ Poms
    Pure Foods Eggs Are Bad

    Pure Foods Eggs Aren’t Bad at All
    You’re All Bastards
    at triple j unearthed
    at Macidol

Perry O’Day and the Pope’s Plastic Panties

    The Ashes Will Be Ours
    Victory (a Five-Nil Clean Sweep)

    at triple j unearthed
    at Macidol

The Powers That Be

    International Terrorism Day—the CD single—& the lyrics thereto

    at triple j unearthed
    at Macidol

The Qualified Superlatives

    Gaze at the Sun

    at Macidol

Some Others

    The Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Blues by Fed Reserve and the Bailouts

    Believe in Global Warming by Henny Penny and the Doom from the Sky
    I Cannot Believe by Henny Penny and the Doom from the Sky

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